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Do you offer video sessions?

All of our therapists offer video or phone sessions. Some also offer in-person sessions. You can learn more about each therapist and what they offer in their bios. 

What if I feel embarrassed about my problem?

Our therapists have worked with clients who suffer from a variety of issues, including problems with self-harm, addictions, self-esteem, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, binge eating, sexual performance, and gender identity confusion. Harbour Therapy's therapists are non-judgmental and compassionate and they will strive to make you feel comfortable no matter what the topic.


What are the payment options?

The primary means of payment is credit card. Receipts are provided. Psychological services offered by a registered psychologist are generally covered by most insurance companies. 


Do you have experience with diverse clients?

Our therapists work with all types of people, irrespective of their gender, sexual, religious or cultural identity.  We have treated clients from many different types of backgrounds and life experiences. 


How frequent are sessions?

That depends on the severity of the problem and your level of motivation. In general, our therapists initially meet with clients once a week but as the symptoms diminish, we typically meet less frequently. 


What if I have to cancel my session?

Please contact your therapist at least 24h in advance to change or cancel a session to avoid paying for the missed session. 


Are the sessions in French or English?

You can view the languages offered by each therapist in their bio. 


How much does therapy cost?

Please consult the therapist bios to see the cost per session. Receipts are provided for insurance purposes. 


How long are sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. 


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