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He doesn’t waste one single minute, and he is to the point and solution-oriented which helps you find your way faster than you probably can with other therapists.

He goes to the point and is very good at uncovering hidden thoughts that could be bogging your well being.

Dr. Morris was truly all I needed. His insight and knowledge guided me towards a place where I feel I’ve overcome my issue. He is patient, empathetic and all other qualities you could ask for in a therapist.

Working with Dr. Morris, I quickly, and I mean quickly, got to a place where I felt alright.

His expertise in neutralizing intrusive thoughts I was experiencing enabled me to overcome them quickly.

I think he's a fantastic therapist

Dr. Morris is extremely professional, non-judgmental and easy to talk to.

He has helped me tremendously in battling my addiction

Dr. Morris is simply the best. He is non-judgmental and extremely empathetic and helpful. I highly recommend.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the way they approach their problems and lead a happier life.

Best therapist I've had and I've seen a few. He is direct, honest, and completely non-judgmental. He listens well and offers practical and insightful advice. I'm not at all afraid to be open with him as I have been with other therapists. He has helped me tremendously with my depression & anxiety. Would absolutely recommend him.

He gets to the root of the issue quickly and efficiently. I am so grateful for his guidance and continue to grow and benefit from our work together.

He is very knowledgeable, and you can feel he truly wants to understand and help you.

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